BBC Logistics USA Warehousing and Fulfillment services help you meet the demands of an increasingly competitive global marketplace. We can store your product in our warehouses, keep parts on hand for unexpected emergencies or needs, and even accept items shipped from around the world to repack for further delivery. Choose the service that best fit your needs, and if you’re not sure, our expert consultants are just a phone call away. We offer 24/7 warehousing services monitored by cameras, in addition, we have a 33,000 ft2 area capable of carrying all types of loads. BBC Logistics USA, offers all types of warehouse services, from repackaging, warehousing and inspection to dangerous cargoes and preparation of project loads.

Consolidate and release

Dedicate container for your freight. Group Shipment with different shippers and consignees.

Re packaging

Palletize secure the freight to Handle it and transport it.

Labelling and Classification

Find your freight through our Barcode system.

Bonded warehouse

Freight in Transit, with Pending taxes and duties or any penalties.

Pick and Pack

Classification, packing and distribution of your cargo.

Inventory control

Physical inventory. Periodical inventory, continuous inventory, Merchandise rotation.